A few new things in from adidas

Ashley Kane 9/29 11:48A Ashley
Is it just me or are you too having full circle style moments recently? So much nostalgia taking over and I love it! I vividly remember my first 'fancy' pair of sneakers—and how long it took to convince my parents to acquire them for me. The...

Fall at Saks

Ashley Kane 9/28 6:12A Ashley
It is almost that time of year when knitwear reigns supreme once again... This cardigan has got to be my favorite find for fall yet—it's so soft and beautiful! Feeling quite folklore and loving it. I teamed it with a very fun belt to tame  the...

more wonder please

Ashley Kane 9/26 12:12P Ashley
Sometimes we resist things that we actually need. I noticed that I have been holding onto some stuff that no longer serves me—familiarity really does breed content… Substack has been popping up more and more the last couple of years and I never...

How I Make Money From Nice Clothes I No Longer Wear

Effortless Gent 9/19 4:33A Barron Cuadro
The post How I Make Money From Nice Clothes I No Longer Wear appeared first on Effortless Gent . Fall often feels like the start of a new year, even though the real New Year’s Day is still months...

Skivvy drawer mainstays

Ashley Kane 9/7 7:49A Ashley
This has been a most asked question this summer since I shared my two-decade long relationship with my strapless bra. So many of you gave it a try and feel just as passionately about it as I do. Along with the strapless, I created this little edit...

5 favorite white tshirts

Ashley Kane 8/30 11:01A Ashley
Featured Jenni Kayne tee — AshleyK15 for 15% off I needed a tshirt refresh recently so ordered some old favorites and new tops to try. Love these so much and have been wearing them on rotation! Had to share in case you are also needing to...

LDW sale shopping

Ashley Kane 8/30 10:44A Ashley
Hi! I feel like I need T Swift's shirt " A LOT going on at the moment". We got back from our weekend in Calistoga and got right into packing up our kitchen for our renovation. It starts the day after we get back from our LDW escape! Amidst the...

Musings: Embellished

Ashley Kane 8/30 10:21A Ashley
The year I got married, I fell in love with a pair of pvc bedazzled heels. Over the years, they have remained a favorite and have been worn far beyond our nuptials. Every single time I slip into them, they bring me so much joy. If that isn't the...

A Moda sale, not to miss

Ashley Kane 8/17 11:11A Ashley
I only sign up for text alerts from brands who 1) don't overdo it and 2) who I think will deliver very good news every so often to their nearest and dearest. Well, good thing silence mode was not on today because... MODA making my afternoon!...

What to start investing in for fall

Ashley Kane 8/15 3:53A Ashley
The kinds of transitional things we can start to collect and invest in now—and wear as the season begins to slowly shift... I love starting with the items I wear the most (and bonus points if they can be worn in other seasons as well). I tend to...

How you Dôen? I’ll see myself out.

Ashley Kane 8/3 7:07A Ashley
You may know this about me by now if you've been around here for a bit—I live for the softer seasons. Spring, which sweeps us out of a physical and mental cold-front and into the magic of warmer days and a renewal of life all around us. It's...

Five of the Best Entry-Level Rolex Watches

Effortless Gent 7/30 10:13A Karlton Miko Tyack
The post Five of the Best Entry-Level Rolex Watches appeared first on Effortless Gent . Whether it’s the sky-high prices or undeniable lore, the world of Rolex watches can certainly overwhelm...
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