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The U.S. Is Running Short of Land for Housing® Real Estate News 9/26 7:45A Konrad Putzier
Angela Owens for the Wall Street Journal In the Sunbelt, the hottest commodity isn’t oil, copper or gold. It is land. And rancher Robert Thomas has plenty of it. Mr. Thomas’s family owns about 11,000...

Conan O’Brien Reportedly Lands Another SoCal Beach House® Real Estate News 9/26 4:00A Lisa Johnson Mandell
Getty Images / MLS via Don t cry for Conan O Brien just because, after almost 28 years, he no longer has his own late-night talk show. He s been busy enjoying the Southern California...

How Much Does a Home Organizer Charge To Curb Your Clutter?® Real Estate News 9/26 1:00A Ana Durrani
Getty Images It s been a few years since Marie Kondo came on the scene and spread her gospel of decluttering to the masses. Since then, shows such as Get Organized with The Home Edit and Hot Mess...
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